Specialist dietary needs

Food for Friends has become a trusted and knowledgeable brand for those people with special dietary requirements and enjoy vegetarian food. We believe that whether you are wheat or gluten-free, vegan, dairy intolerant or have religious restrictions to your diet, you should be able to eat and enjoy great food that suits your needs.

There are an increasing number of people with food intolerances spanning from the serious life threatening conditions, to the milder food allergies and sensitivities that cause discomfort. At Food for Friends we can cater to these needs. We offer vegan and gluten free options on our daily specials and main menu. We also bake our own delicious fresh bread, pastries, cakes and scones that are suitable for people who do not eat gluten or dairy.

For more information on gluten free diets you can visit, a good website or information on gluten free hotels and cafes visit For vegans are the leading vegan organisation in the UK.

Many of our customers thank us for providing a menu that makes them feel ‘normal’ not the ‘fussy eater’, a place that they can bring their friends and family safe in the knowledge that everyone will enjoy their meal without compromising on flavour and satisfaction.

Our menu’s have the following key below allowing you to clearly see which dishes are suitable for you.


(v) vegan / (gf) gluten free / (n) contains nuts / (vo) vegan free / (go) gluten free option/ (lf) low fat

Please ask us (or your server in the restaurant) for allergen information which we have detailed for every dish on the menu.

If you would like to discuss any specialist dietary needs you may have prior to visiting us please email