Download Menu download_iconWe are really fussy when it comes to selecting wines for our very special wine list. Much like our food, the emphasis is on using local suppliers where we can, alongside top quality ingredients, with great value and the best taste. Season is also important – everyone loves a rich Malbec in winter and a crisp Sauvignon in summer!

We like to be open to wines which are new in fashion while keeping old favourites like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and French Cabernet Sauvignon. This is why we use a few different suppliers so we have the best choice of wines, and we insist on tasting all of them before they go on the menu! We also have regular food and wine match training and regular visits to vineyards (local and further afield) so our staff really know what they’re talking about.

Please note: this isn’t our full wine list as we like to keep some surprises. Most wines are available to order by the glass.

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